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Growstones hit the roof with Rooftop farming in Brooklyn

This is a guest blog by Jason Green of Edenworks. Growstone is collaborating with this Brooklyn-based startup helping to build the future of urban farming.  Presently, cities are largely hubs of consumption, but there’s a growing tide that is instead moving cities...

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The Science Behind Gnat Nix for Fungus Gnat Control

Did you know that potted soil from garden centers often is contaminated with eggs and/or larvae of fungus gnats? That means before you even start, you could have a fungus gnat problem and not even know it. Whatever the source of your fungus gnats issue, larvae are the...

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Growstone 101: Everything You Need to Know About Growstones

Growstones are breakthrough, high-performance growing mediums that are made from 100% recycled glass and 100% American made. Aeration and Drainage Growstones highly porous and uneven shaped aggregates provide a balanced combination of small pores inside each aggregate...

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It was pictures of strip-mining operations used to produce perlite and Hydroton that made us ask the question: Do you have to severely scar and damage the earth to make your plants beautiful? To us, blasting through the earth to grow a healthy planet was an oxymoron...

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Hortidaily Says Growstones are a Dream Substrate

Crushed glass has growing media. It may sound a little crazy, yet controlled research trials done by Wageningen University and The University of Arizona/Controlled Environment Agriculure (CEAC) show that plants thrive very well on foamed glass aggregates manufactured...

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Rolling Greens

Curt Ellis (pictured) and Ian Cheney won rave reviews for their 2007 documentary King Corn, about the drawbacks to industrial agriculture. They built on that success by filling up the back of a 1986 Dodge Ram with soil and planting tomatoes. Over the past few years,...

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