I am very fond of plants thus I often overwinter tropical plants to use in my garden the next season. I am also fond of red wine. Turns out I sometimes have unwanted house guests who are also fond of red wine. These unwanted guest can sneak into my home when I overwinter tropical plants inside during the winter months. I am speaking of fungus gnats that sneak in with my plants. These little gnats seems to love red wine so much that if a glass of red wine is left untended when gnats are around they will soon be swimming in the wine. This is very annoying and also embarrassing when drinking wine with invited guests. There are ways to prevent this from happening. You could switch to white wine. Gnats, like me, have a strong preference for red wine. Instead of switching to white wine I have chosen to prevent the gnats from propagating.

Gnats propagate in the top layer of moist potting soil. Any substance free of organic matter and quick drying is an unattractive medium for fungus gnat eggs or larvae. To prevent gnat propagation, top dressing plants with a one to two inch layer of a quickly drying non-organic substance. I have used sand, granite grit, and pea gravel. I was recently sent a product called Gnatnix™ to try. This product has been designed to eradicate gnats.

It is my opinion that Gnatnix™ has advantages over the other substances I have used to eradicate fungus gnats. It is very light weight. It is not easy carrying a bag of sand, granite grit or pea gravel. A similar size bag of GnatNix™ is surprisingly light weight. The light weight is enough to make me purchase this product in the future. I have not had as much trouble with GnatNix™ moving through my soil, or floating over the top and onto the floor as sometimes occurs if you quickly water a potted plant top dressed in sand. GnatNix™ is an American made product from recycled glass. You can feel good about supporting both American made and recycled products if you choose this as your method to keep your home, wine and plants free of fungus gnats.

Growstone’s GnatNix can be found at Amazon, gardening, and hydroponic stores in 2 liter, 9 liter or 1.5 cubic foot bag.

Source: Myrenesgarden.com