GS-4 Moisture Coco Mix

You requested it, we blended it!

Many of you asked for a Growstone Coco Blend that would hold more moisture and require less frequent irrigations. Our high-performance GS-3 Aeration Coco Blend excels when irrigated multiple times a day. For a grower without an automated irrigation system, this can be very time-consuming. Our new GS-4 Coco Blend was created for you!

We sourced the finest coco coir and paired it with 100% recycled and porous Growstones. Growstone GS-4 Moisture Coco Mix™ is a mixture of Coco coir and Growstones with added Mycorrhizae specially designed for hand watering of heavy feeding plants in run-to-waste containers. Recommended whenever moisture and fast drainage is required for fast growing plants.

GS-4 Moisture Coco Mix

  • Superior moisture and aeration
  • Fast drainage
  • Prevents overwatering & root rot
  • Ultra-clean premium coco coir
  • Enriched with Xtreme® Mykos
  • Use throughout the year indoors or outdoors
  • Lightweight
  • Available in a 1.5 cu ft bag

Select a clean container with drainage holes. Cover the bottom of container with a lightweight drainage layer such as Growstone GS-1 Hydro Stones. Partially fill container with GS-4 Moisture Coco Mix. Place root ball and fill container with GS-4 Moisture Coco Mix up to 1” to 2” from rim. Press gently around stem. Water thoroughly.

When plants are root bound, repot into larger container. Turn container upside down and tap to loosen soil and roots. Place in larger container following directions for Planting. Water thoroughly. Not a fertilizer or nutrient substitute. Addition of fertilizer is necessary when planting and/or repotting. Consult your local hydroponic store or garden center on nutrient regimes that will most benefit your plants. Do not fertilize before plants have established roots.

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