Planting Seedlings In Growstone

Whichever your hydroponic system may be, follow these simple steps for planting in Growstones:
Fill your growing container with Growstones half way up. The size of the container should be proportional to the expected final size of the plant. For example, tomato plants develop a dense root system to sustain a lush and relatively large plant, thus a container size between 5 and 15 gallons is recommended to avoid root bound issues.

Ebb-flow systems
Fill container with a volume of Growstones proportional to your recirculating pump. Nutrient solution should rise until Growstones feel moist to touch 1” to 2” below the surface.

NFT systems
Total depth of Growstones should be adequate to support and keep root crown above water level.

Fill container with Growstones to within 1” from the top.
Whether you germinated your seedlings or just bought them in a seedling tray, now its time to plant them into Growstones. Gently detach the seedling plugs from the seedling tray, keeping the substrate attached to the roots.
Place the plugs at the center of your container just above the Growstones. If the container is large and wide enough you can place two plugs per container.
Fill the rest of the container around the seedling plug with Growstones up to 1” to 2” below the edge of the container.

Irrigate immediately after planting to promote contact between the new substrate and roots.

Note: For Ebb-Flow systems, due to Growstones’ lightweight, it is important to use completely wet Growstones, in order to keep pots from tipping sideways during initial water Ebb-flow cycles, when plants are very small. This is not an issue in other hydroponic systems.

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