Growstone Applications

Diverse Applications for our High Performance, Sustainable Products

Growstone’s patented process creates horticultural, commercial, and consumer products with customizable properties. Our successful trials with Universities and industry professionals has led to new products and processes.

Growstone is also continuing research in other market sectors as varied as green technology building materials, green roofs, water filtration, and advanced hydroponic growing systems. Growstone’s proprietary green technology and physical characteristics such as pore size, pore structure, abrasiveness, and hardness can be customized to satisfy a wide range of plant and climate growing requirements in different growing systems.

Growstone manufactures substrates and aggregates engineered to meet the specific needs of different horticultural communities including floriculture, greenhouse and nursery, and commercial hydroponics. Products can be used in hydroponics systems and as a soil amendment, in commercial, container garden, and landscape applications.

Growstone has created products for hydroponic growing systems, for use in both commercial and home hydroponics growing. A reusable plant growing medium, the material can be steam sterilized and used again or simply added to soil to improve texture, structure, and aeration. Growstone is the first major product development in this arena in over 20 years.

Why not raise fish and vegetables too? Growstone helps create a symbiotic relationship between the growing of crops and raising fish. As part of the nutrient and aeration cycle, Growstone enhances both endevours.

Soil Amendment / Mixes
Growstone products are an alternative to perlite, and other soil amendments. They help commercial and home gardeners create the best soil for water retention and aeration. Growstone has products for container gardening, the floriculture business, greenhouses and nurseries. Growstone products are competitive in price and effectiveness with established soil amendments in the home and commercial horticulture markets.

Green Roof
A study by The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Horticulture, Revealed Growstone to be highly suitable for green roofs with the added advantage of being considerably lighter than any other green roof media tested so far. At field capacity, Growstones based media average bulk density was 0.50 g/cc, less than half that of commonly used green roof media today. Regarding resistance to freeze thaw cycles, drainage, water holding capacity, and plant growth Growstone based media was very suitable.

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