It was pictures of strip-mining operations used to produce perlite and Hydroton that made us ask the question: Do you have to severely scar and damage the earth to make your plants beautiful? To us, blasting through the earth to grow a healthy planet was an oxymoron and something totally unnecessary.

We had a much better answer.

Reclaim, recycle, repurpose the millions of pounds of discarded glass clogging an already crowded Albuquerque, New Mexico landfill and turn it into a highly productive growth medium for the horticultural and agricultural industries. That idea became a reality in 2009, and Growstones were born.

Our scientific, radically eco-friendly process requires no water in the process. That’s extremely important when your plant is located in the high desert of New Mexico. Growstones are 100% eco-friendly, 100% recycled, 100% non-toxic and 100% strip-mine free. They’re also lightweight, reusable and dust-free so they’re not only easier on the planet but easier on you.

If you are still tempted to use perlite and Hydroton (just out of habit, of course), know that Growstones deliver:

  • 3 times more water at saturation than Hydroton
  • Over 70% more aeration than perlite
  • 4 times more aeration than coco coir

Growstones are a win-win-win. They’re better for the environment. They’re better for your plants. And they’re better for you.