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We love what we do. We love why we do it. And, we love who we do it for.

The truth is, you have to love it if you go to work every day in a man-made volcano in the middle of the desert, located on a landfill. If that’s all the job was, we wouldn’t be here. It’s hot and dirty work but when we stop and think about it, we realize how rewarding it is. We an elite and hard-working team. helping farmers and growers produce better products with less effort and fewer losses. We’re helping the weekend gardener and the roof-top architect. And, all the while, we’re working to save the planet by putting mountains of waste to work.

By being at the source (thousands upon thousands of tons of broken glass) we don’t burn any hydrocarbons getting the glass here. By using methane that was previously vented off by the landfill, we massively reduce outside fuel needs for our kiln (the indoor volcano). By innovating, and creating new and patent-pending ways to produce glass-foam, we use almost no water – other than what we drink. So, while we might not be working alongside you in the garden, grow-house, or on the farm, we’re passionate about going green and we prove it every day.

The glass we recycle is important, but our people are our most valuable resource. We’re a heck of a team too. We have a flat management structure that allows everyone to have a say. We incentivise innovation and nurture relationships. This has lead to advances in our science, as well as a safe work environment – in spite of temperatures that are hot enough to melt glass – literally. This syle of management fosters expertise. You can talk to any of our people about our work, and you’ll find them to be friendly, knowledgeable, and downright helpful.

We are not miners, but manufacturers of stone – We rock.

Interested in doing business? To start a conversation about how to become a part of our culture, email, with the subject line “We Rock!”

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